Folksam are proud to be the first insurance company in the world to offer ecolabelled non-life insurance. This certification has been awarded to Folksam by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) and applies to their motor-, household- and holiday home- insurance products.

SSNC have one of the world’s most challenging eco-labelling standards which are know as “Bra Miljöval” in Swedish or “Good Environmental Choice”. To gain certification of the SSNC 43 criterias have to be fulfilled.

The five most important criteria are:

  • Company behaviour including energy efficiency, recycling and good use of resources
  • Claims handling including eco-friendly car repairs after an accident such as use of high levels of recycling
  • Use of a financial investment system for insurance premiums which complements environmental and ethical principles
  • The positive selection of companies with better environmental and ethical profiles and the de-selection of companies which do not fit this profile
  • Environmentally certified electricity
  • Environmental purchasing

Read more about the SSNC and their label

The SSNC:s page about ecolabelling (in english)

What we guarantee as a ecolabelled company

Guarantee of environmentally friendly repairs

Folksam’s customers are guaranteed that car repairs are conducted in an environmentally friendly way with a high level of use of recycled materials. Folksam also insist upon high ecological and environmental standards from all their contractors, including criteria such as use of certain building materials to waste sorting and recycling.

Should a Folksam policyholder be involved in an accident then they are also offered a more environmentally friendly and safer replacement car. The criteria for this choice are taken from Folksam’s yearly report “Safe and Sustainable” which is based on information taken following real-life accidents.

Acting in a socially responsible way

The effect that Folksam have as a business on the environment and their ethical behaviours are issues which Folksam take very seriously. They ensure that all of their assets are managed in a socially responsibly way; which means that they do not invest in tobacco or illegal weapons such as cluster munitions, anti-personnel mines and nuclear weapons and alcohol. Folksam also actively seeks to influence other organisations that they work with to take a greater responsibility for the environment and also for human rights.

Climate Compensation

All Folksam buildings use wind power of specified origin and since 2006 we climate compensate all our emissions. Other environmentally friendly initiatives include sustainable sourcing of office products such as paper and coffee for staff and we train our employees “Eco-Driving” which enables them to lower their fuel consumption when driving their cars.